Heather May Nicholas

Heather_ProfileBorn: October 31st 1978 in Kalamazoo Michigan.
Age: 34
Has lived in: Michigan
Schooling: Bachelor of Science in Geology at Western Michigan University
College Highlights: Survived four nights of tornadoes on our way out west for six weeks of field mapping and camping, Geology Club field trips to the Upper Peninsula and the Adirondacks.
Favorite Things: Softball, Rocks, All vegetables pickled, Smoked pork products, Bad disaster movies, Chickens, Frogs, Flow Free, Cooking with Natalie, Nathan.
Favorite Place: My living room couch
Career: Environmental Health Administration
Aspirations: Having a family with Nathan, doing what I love for work.
How I describes myself: Nerdy science girl
How I describe Nathan: Movie aficionado and lover of all things geeky!
What I love most about Nathan (In no particular order):
1) He is very caring toward me
2) His Family
3) He shares my love for really terrible movies
4) He makes me laugh
5) He is very charming

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