So if you have an iPhone or Android phone, make sure to download the WedPics app available below and share your pictures with us. It’s taking the disposable camera pictures at weddings to a whole new level!


After much anxious waiting our wedding bands have arrived from Ireland. They are so amazingly intricate! Mine is 6mm and Heather’s is 3mm it’s very hard to see in this picture but Heathers ring has all the same engraving that mine does only much smaller. The design is based on illuminations from the ancient Book of Kells manuscript, (you can read more about how we have incorporated these designs into our wedding here) I wish we could wear them now (but Heather won’t let me :P).

Only 3 months to the wedding and I can’t wait.


Heather and I spent the last week in Rochester outside of Detroit for a conference that Heather attended. On Friday we met with Linda Lee who is going to be making my Kennedy tartan kilt for the wedding. I am so excited as I’ve wanted a kilt since I was kid! Linda was fantastic and is even going to embroider our Triskele symbol on the inside apron of the kilt. Linda’s website is Creative Lee Done.

On Saturday we then went to Canterbury Village and met with Gordon Hyslop owner of Highland Fling and The Celtic Connection (the Irish shop next door). I ordered a charcoal grey kilt jacket and bought a Kennedy tartan tie. Both his stores are great and if you’re in the area you need to check them out.

Very excited to know that Heather got a dress. Of course I haven’t seen it and wont until the day, but I know that Heather is super excited about finally finding her dress! 🙂